Bloom Saves Everyone

About and Cast

Greetings, fellow organisms. Welcome to Bloom Saves Everyone, a short comic story written and illustrated by CambrianBeast, a human who likes to pretend they're a Cambrian cephalochordate. 


Set in a world that is in an ambiguous intermediate of rebirth and ending completely, Fennec is thrown into turmoil when she finds herself infected with a sentient, parasitic plant, Bloom. Convinced that the world is on the brink of a great, irreversible change, Fennec must stop the mysterious Archetype of All Things before it is (apparently) too late.

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Likes: Trees, scarves, collecting leaves and quietness.

Dislikes: Being alone, loud noises and cold weather. 

A fennec fox with a fascination with trees, Fennec is a quiet, if sometimes crabby, individual. She enjoys collecting fallen leaves from trees and other plants and not much else. When she finds herself infected with the plant known as Bloom, she finds herself trying to prevent a coming change in the world. 


Likes: Survival and arguing. 

Dislikes: Any organism not in the Kingdom Plantae, disobedience and death. one really knows about them except for Fennec, and all she knows about Bloom is that they are adamantly commited to preventing the Archetype from changing the world around them, even if it means emotionally exploiting others. Bloom seems to know a lot about what happened in the past, but remains cryptic about it.