Bloom Saves Everyone

About and Cast

Greetings, fellow organisms. Welcome to Bloom Saves Everyone, a short comic story written and illustrated by CambrianBeast, a human who likes to pretend they're a Cambrian cephalochordate. 


Set in a world that is in an ambiguous intermediate of rebirth and ending completely, Fennec is thrown into turmoil when she finds herself infected with a sentient, parasitic plant, Bloom. Convinced that the world is on the brink of a great, irreversible change, Fennec must stop the mysterious Archetype of All Things before it is (apparently) too late.

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Likes: Leaves, scarves, dog toys and sunny days.

Dislikes: Being alone, loud noises and cold weather. 

Fennec is a sentimental, if at times crabby, domesticated little fox who has a fascination with leaves and enjoys the company of others. She particularly longs for the presence of her deceased human owners, Jemima and Steven. Somehow she has found herself involved with the parasitic Bloom, intent on using Fennec to apparently save what remains of the world from a heinous threat. 


Likes: Survival and order.

Dislikes: Any organism not in the Kingdom Plantae, disobedience and death.

Bloom is a mysterious parasitic plant-like organism, who seems to be hellbent on making sure the remaining piece of the world is not destroyed. They don't care about who or what they have to exploit in order to reach this goal. 


Likes: Cold and overcast weather, sleep and meaty food.
Dislikes: Humans, distractions and shiny objects.

Seemingly the only other fox who remains in the last existing area in the world, Lagopus is a surly individual who is desperate to leave the world behind and ascend to what is believed to be the afterlife. He has no time for other beings that are romantic about the world before the Germination destroyed most of it and really doesn't like talking about or being reminded of the past.